Fighting the effects of Global Warming

Welcome to our world.


In the modern world, global warming and climate change are becoming an increasingly important issue. In 1995, founder and CEO Walter "Windy" van Windenberg decided to do something about it, and formed Zephyronics.

At Zephyronics we manufacture wind generators, which are an essential weapon in the fight against global warming.

As everyone knows, when your office gets too warm you switch on a fan to help you keep cool. Well, our wind generators do much the same thing - only on a much larger scale.

We have installed over 17,500 wind generators throughout Europe, and when our remote sensors indicate that an area is suffering from the effects of Global Warming we can switch on our generators, so reducing the temperature and helping to keep everyone comfortable. Zephyronics wind generators can create anything from a gentle breeze (using the Zephyronics Waft-100) up to a force 8 gale (Zephyronics Blaster-3000, normally installed offshore for safety reasons).

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