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Sep 08

Tomorrow - the world!

Posted on September 8, 2011 by wfadmin

We are pleased to announce that over 17,500 Zephyronics wind generators have now been installed throughout Europe! We are proud to say that our generators are fighting Global Warming by creating everything from breezes in Belgium through to wild winds in Wales and gales in Germany.

Zephyronics... cooling Europe today - tomorrow, the world!

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Aug 01

First installation

Posted on August 1, 2000 by wfadmin

Good news!

Our first wind generator, a Mistral-200, was today unveiled in the South of France. It is now helping to cool the vineyards which are suffering as a result of Global Warming.

Cheers! (or maybe we should say Santé!)

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Sep 01


Posted on September 1, 1995 by wfadmin

Welcome to Zephyronics!

We aim to become the world's number one supplier of wind generators! Our equipment will be installed worldwide, generating everything from gentle breezes to gale force winds, keeping you cool and fighting the effects of Global Warming.

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