Fighting the effects of Global Warming

About Zephyronics

Zephyronics was formed in August 1995 by Walter "Windy" van Windenberg.

Our mission is to combat the effects of Global Warming, by deploying advanced wind generator technology throughout the world.

Our product range includes:

  • Waft-100 - for English hillsides, produces an attractive wave motion in ripening cornfields.
  • Mistral-200 - generates a stiff and constant breeze, suitable for use in vineyards and orchard where excessive global warming can harm crops.
  • Sirocco-300 - more powerful than the Mistral-200, for use in regions at risk of being covered by sand blown from desert areas.
  • Bora-500 - a superb state-of-the-art wind generator, capable of altering local weather conditions and rain patterns.
  • Blaster-3000 - our most powerful wind generator, capable of producing winds up to gale force 8. For safety reasons this generator is best installed at sea.

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